SFX feature interviews with some of the leading lights in science fiction. Interviews with sci-fi directors, actors, writers and artists amongst others.

Godzilla small

Godzilla Interview: Director Gareth Edwards Talks Big Lizards

at 04:53pm October 25 2014

How to reinvent a cinematic icon…

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Filmed In Supermarionation Interview

at 09:00am October 20 2014

PROMOTION Director Stephen La Rivière talks about his Gerry Anderson documentary

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DEFIANCE Put Your Questions To Star Stephanie Leonidas

at 03:47pm August 30 2014

The actor who plays Irisa to answer your questions in Twitter Q+A on Monday

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: John Hornor Jacobs

at 09:00am August 25 2014

Fantasy novel The Incorruptibles gets five stars in the latest SFX! Here, its author reveals its origins and inspirations

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FIEFDOM INTERVIEW Dan Abnett And Nik Vincent

at 11:34am August 19 2014

2000 AD’s Kingdom stories get a novel spin-off

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STRANGE HILL HIGH Showrunner Interview

at 10:57am August 19 2014

Simpsons vet Josh Weinstein tells SFX about running the spookily excellent CBBC show – and an unexpected interest in Luton

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THE QUIET ONES Interview with parapsychologist Stephen Mera

at 03:39pm August 18 2014

To celebrate the release of The Quiet Ones on Blu-ray and DVD, we spoke to parapsychologist Stephen Mera about his experiences with the paranormal…

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DIVERGENT Theo James Interview

at 01:57pm August 15 2014

An interview view with the Inbetweeners Movie star who’s gone Hollywood as leading man Four

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EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Screenwriters Talk Winter Soldier And Captain America 3

at 11:54am August 13 2014

“If you like Winter Soldier you’ll hopefully like the third one!”

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Exclusive Deliver Us From Evil Director Interview

at 09:22am August 12 2014

Future Doctor Strange helmer Scott Derrickson talks about his exorcism cop drama

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW Anna Thayer, JRR Tolkien And CS Lewis

at 08:45am August 4 2014

The author of new fantasy books The Traitor’s Heir and The King’s Hand talks about influences on her world of world of intrigue, passion and divided loyalties

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Marvel's Guardians Of The GalaxyMilanoPh: Film Frame©Marvel 2014


at 10:11am July 31 2014

How Nicole Perlman set the Guardians on their path to the big screen

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sharknado 2_small

Sharknado 2: Back For A Second Bite

at 02:29pm July 28 2014

It’s raining sharks again – hallelujah! Screenwriter Thunder Levin talks about his second instalment of Syfy insanity.

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jason-blum small

Jason Blum Interview

at 02:35pm July 25 2014

The prolific producer talks The Purge: Anarchy, Ascension and future films

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SFX 250 PREVIEW! Mila Kunis Talks Jupiter Ascending

at 05:07pm June 23 2014

Channing Tatum is “like a real-life superhero” she tells SFX in the new issue

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