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A look at the lighter hearted side of sci-fi. Includes the SFX Spurious Awards and Tweets Of The Week


Read A Gorgeous Illustrated Extract From The New Neil Gaiman Book

at 08:00am October 20 2014

PROMOTION The Sleeper And The Spindle, a new twisted fairytale from the award-winning team writer and illustrator team behind The Graveyard Book

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at 07:10am October 7 2014

FROM THE ARCHIVES! The Reduced SFX Company presents series one of David Lynch’s weirdness, in shrink-wrapped form…

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 04:21pm August 27 2014

Action Comics #1 new record, American Horror Story and a meeting of Spider-Men in our news round-up

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Changing The Rules Of Fantasy: Why Readers Love Brent Weeks

at 09:00am August 25 2014

PROMOTION The phenomenally successful Brent Weeks creates worlds have ingenously crafted new magical systems

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FEATURE 10 Totally Misleading Movie Titles

at 11:22am July 28 2014

If you didn’t know them well, you could get a bit confused as to what some films are actually going to be about…

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GUEST BLOG: Anna Caltabiano

at 10:00am July 28 2014

The YA author tell us how to write a novel and get a six-pack in the process

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Hear The Prologue From Ecko Burning

at 12:00pm July 17 2014

The audio book of Danie Ware’s new novel Ecko Burning is narrated by Peter Noble and you can hear some of it for free

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New Underground Art Project By Martin Firrell

at 07:07pm July 9 2014

Underneath Waterloo station is a theatrical art installation inspired by the themes of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes movie

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Meet Two New Legends Of British Fantasy

at 08:05am July 7 2014

Doscover why the writers of one of the most talked about fantasy sequels and one of the boldest fantasy debuts of 2014 are both influenced by David Gemmell

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WINNER! Zombie Short Story Competition

at 09:30am June 25 2014

Revealed: the winner and runners-up of the The Writing Dead competition! [UPDATED]

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Blockbuster Book Series The Expanse Set To Be TV’s New Battlestar Galactica

at 09:13am June 3 2014

PROMOTION Plus, you can win a copy of the new book, Cibola Burns, in the series which has been described as “Game Of Thrones in space”

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EXCLUSIVE Designing the cover for Tigerman

at 12:49pm May 20 2014

Designing the cover – Tigerman by Nick Harkaway [exclusive video and interview]

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Top 10 Clones And Doppelgangers

at 11:01am May 15 2014

Our rundown of the best clones in film and TV

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GODZILLA Gareth Edwards On His Love Of Godzilla

at 11:37am May 9 2014

The man who made Monsters gives three reasons why he loves Godzilla

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at 11:39am May 8 2014

SFX‘s sister magazine Science Uncovered looks at “exomoons” as a possible place we should be looking for alien life

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