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at 10:30am October 31 2014

Hear us Hollywood! This month we ask what you’d like to see when Twin Peaks makes its unexpected but highly anticipated return

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Take A Trip Into Space Ahead Of Interstellar

at 05:20pm October 30 2014

Explore space live in an exclusive space event celebrating the Christopher Nolan movie

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Godzilla small

Godzilla Interview: Director Gareth Edwards Talks Big Lizards

at 04:53pm October 25 2014

How to reinvent a cinematic icon…

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Filmed In Supermarionation Interview

at 09:00am October 20 2014

PROMOTION Director Stephen La Rivière talks about his Gerry Anderson documentary

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Read A Gorgeous Illustrated Extract From The New Neil Gaiman Book

at 08:00am October 20 2014

PROMOTION The Sleeper And The Spindle, a new twisted fairytale from the award-winning team writer and illustrator team behind The Graveyard Book

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at 07:10am October 7 2014

FROM THE ARCHIVES! The Reduced SFX Company presents series one of David Lynch’s weirdness, in shrink-wrapped form…

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Defiance Is Back

at 09:05am September 16 2014

What’s in store for season two…

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This Month’s SFXperts Questions thumbnail image

This Month’s SFXperts Questions

at 12:50pm September 4 2014

Come test your sci-fi knowledge and be in with a chance of winning a prize from the SFX locker

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DEFIANCE Put Your Questions To Star Stephanie Leonidas

at 03:47pm August 30 2014

The actor who plays Irisa to answer your questions in Twitter Q+A on Monday

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 04:21pm August 27 2014

Action Comics #1 new record, American Horror Story and a meeting of Spider-Men in our news round-up

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: John Hornor Jacobs

at 09:00am August 25 2014

Fantasy novel The Incorruptibles gets five stars in the latest SFX! Here, its author reveals its origins and inspirations

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Changing The Rules Of Fantasy: Why Readers Love Brent Weeks

at 09:00am August 25 2014

PROMOTION The phenomenally successful Brent Weeks creates worlds have ingenously crafted new magical systems

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FIEFDOM INTERVIEW Dan Abnett And Nik Vincent

at 11:34am August 19 2014

2000 AD’s Kingdom stories get a novel spin-off

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STRANGE HILL HIGH Showrunner Interview

at 10:57am August 19 2014

Simpsons vet Josh Weinstein tells SFX about running the spookily excellent CBBC show – and an unexpected interest in Luton

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Doctor Who Series 8 Accumulator

at 10:15am August 19 2014

Our regularly updated page featuring all the definite news about Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor. Update: all episode titles!

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