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San Diego Comic-Con Video Blog: Day One

at 08:34am July 24 2014

SFX thoughts on the first day of the annual Californian geekfest

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Hear The Prologue From Ecko Burning

at 12:00pm July 17 2014

The audio book of Danie Ware’s new novel Ecko Burning is narrated by Peter Noble and you can hear some of it for free

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Doctor Who Series 8 Accumulator

at 05:07pm July 11 2014

Our regularly updated page featuring all the definite news about Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor. Update: guest star for episode 12

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New Underground Art Project By Martin Firrell

at 07:07pm July 9 2014

Underneath Waterloo station is a theatrical art installation inspired by the themes of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes movie

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Godzilla small


at 05:30pm July 8 2014

Hear us Hollywood! This month we ask what you’d like to see when Godzilla returns

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This Month’s SFXperts Questions thumbnail image

This Month’s SFXperts Questions

at 03:50pm July 8 2014

Come test your sci-fi knowledge and be in with a chance of winning a prize from the SFX locker

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Meet Two New Legends Of British Fantasy

at 08:05am July 7 2014

Doscover why the writers of one of the most talked about fantasy sequels and one of the boldest fantasy debuts of 2014 are both influenced by David Gemmell

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PROMOTION Invasion Sci Fi Exhibition Preview

at 03:31pm July 4 2014

All the details on the Luton sci-fi con

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GUEST BLOG: Mark Charan Newton on The Fantasy Of Ancient History

at 12:00pm July 2 2014

“Just what is the difference between ancient history, and a fantasy based on history?”

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WINNER! Zombie Short Story Competition

at 09:30am June 25 2014

Revealed: the winner and runners-up of the The Writing Dead competition! [UPDATED]

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SFX 250 PREVIEW! Mila Kunis Talks Jupiter Ascending

at 05:07pm June 23 2014

Channing Tatum is “like a real-life superhero” she tells SFX in the new issue

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Top Ten Dragons

at 02:41pm June 19 2014

Fire-breathers of the world ignite!

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25 Years Of Batman – Anatomy Of A Classic

at 12:26pm June 17 2014

A look back at Tim Burton’s superhero noir

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Blockbuster Book Series The Expanse Set To Be TV’s New Battlestar Galactica

at 09:13am June 3 2014

PROMOTION Plus, you can win a copy of the new book, Cibola Burns, in the series which has been described as “Game Of Thrones in space”

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HOT TOPIC We Want Your Thoughts On Edgar Wright’s Departure From Ant-Man

at 09:00am May 31 2014

Tell us what you think of the Shaun Of The Dead director and Marvel parting company on the diminutive superhero movie

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