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BLOG The Hobbit Fan Event

at 09:00am November 11 2013

SFX reader and student Nathan FitzPatrick was at Warner’s exclusive event for Hobbit fans in London last week

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BLOG Women of Defiance #5: Doc Yewll

at 06:17am August 24 2013

Blogger Laura McConnell concludes her look at the Women Of Defiance with the one and only Doc Yewll

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BLOG Women of Defiance #4: Supporting Characters

at 05:49am August 24 2013

Blogger Laura McConnell continues her look at the Women Of Defiance with a study on the secondary female characters in town

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BLOG Women of Defiance #3: Iraths

at 05:33am August 24 2013

Blogger Laura McConnell continues her look at the Women Of Defiance. Irisa and Rynn share the spotlight this time

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BLOG Women of Defiance #2: Stahma Tarr

at 05:12am August 24 2013

Blogger Laura McConnell continues her look at the Women Of Defiance with Stahma Tarr

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The Freedom Collective-small

BLOG The Freedom Collective

at 10:20am August 23 2013

A tribute to the Silver Age of Marvel, with a Russian flavour

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BLOG Is 3D Losing Its Lustre?

at 09:40am August 23 2013

Steven Ellis’s last word on 3D. Possibly.

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BLOG Numbercruncher #1 REVIEW

at 09:04am August 22 2013

There’s no shortages of afterlive in comics, but Alasdair Stuart reckons there’s room for at least one more when it’s this good

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at 08:16am August 22 2013

It’s a classic British sci-fi flick in comic book form, and Alasdair Stuart adores it

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BLOG The Advantage Of Lowered Expectations

at 07:53am August 22 2013

Steven Ellis urges you to believe the anti-hype

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BLOG Batman Zero Year #1: Director’s Cut REVIEW

at 09:06am August 20 2013

Alasdair Stuart watches a legend being rebuilt

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Amelia cole cover-small

BLOG Amelia Cole And The Unknown World REVIEW

at 01:44pm August 19 2013

Alasdair Stuart reviews the graphic novel version of one of his favourite digital comics fro last year.

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BLOG Exclusive? How About A San Diego Inclusive For A Change?

at 01:04pm August 19 2013

Alasdair Stuart wonders of San Diego Comic Con is in danger of creating a backlash if it becomes too exclusive…

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BLOG A RoboCop For The Masses?

at 11:02am August 14 2013

You have a PG13 certificate to comply. Which leaves Steven Ellis worried

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BLOG Everybody Needs Good Androids

at 04:58pm August 13 2013

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it. Excited about the upcoming Almost Human? John Cooper looks at some other artificial folk

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