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GUEST BLOG Author Gail Z Martin

at 11:05am April 20 2014

The American fantasy author talks history, urban fantasy and Deadly Curiosities

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GUEST BLOG Author Mark Alder

at 11:50pm April 7 2014

The Son Of The Morning author talks about how to research historical fantasy

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GUEST BLOG London Cosrave And Anime Quiz Night

at 06:01pm April 7 2014

It’s coming this Saturday and Rebecca Moriarty explains why Londoners should attend…

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BLOG Picking The Winner Of The Arthur C Clarke Award Isn’t Easy

at 09:00pm March 18 2014

It’s not easy choosing the best science fiction novel of the year, says award director Tom Hunter

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GUEST BLOG Author Den Patrick on optimism in fiction

at 09:05am March 10 2014

There should always be light at the end of the tunnel, says the author of the The Boy With The Porcelain Blade

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GUEST BLOG How To Write Time Travel Fiction

at 08:25am February 24 2014

Writing time travel stories despite modern physics? “Fudge it or fake it,” says author Graham Storrs

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GUEST BLOG Author Naomi Foyle

at 12:29pm February 4 2014

Home truths: domesticity, SF and Astra

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Clarke Award submissions SMALL thumb

GUEST BLOG The Arthur C Clarke Award Judges

at 05:09pm February 3 2014

Rumour? Controversy? Twitter storms? An Arthur C Clarke Award judge craves not these things, says Tom Hunter

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HOLLYWOOD HYPERSPACE The Five Best Non-Fiction Books of 2013

at 05:16pm January 31 2014

In his latest column, our LA correspondent looks back on the best non-fiction books of last year

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Science fiction author Alastair Reynolds

GUEST BLOG Alastair Reynolds talks Doctor Who

at 08:55am December 2 2013

Following the 50th anniversary of the good Doctor, top SF author Alastair Reynolds talks to SFX about his admiration for the show

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Doctor Who

HOLLYWOOD HYPERSPACE 50 Things I Loved About Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special

at 02:31pm November 26 2013

It turns out our man in LA really enjoyed the 50th anniversary – here are a half century of reasons why.

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HOLLYWOOD HYPERSPACE Being A Doctor Who Fan In America

at 09:00am November 21 2013

Our LA correspondent Joe McCabe explains what it was like falling in love with Doctor Who for an American

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at 04:32pm November 12 2013

SFX’s LA correspondent Joe McCabe keeps up the post-Halloween fear factor

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at 06:07pm October 31 2013

In the second of his blogs from LA, SFX’s West Coast Editor celebrates the night the spooks come out

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HOLLYWOOD HYPERSPACE Our Brand New Column Direct From La La Land

at 04:21pm October 11 2013

SFX’s West Coast Editor Joe McCabe introduces his new blog from the US of A

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