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“Writing Is A Skill And It Requires Use To Improve”

at 06:35pm August 18 2014

Writing advice for first time novelists, from the winner of the most recent Terry Pratchett publishing prize

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GUEST BLOG Mitch Benn On Suspending Disbelief

at 09:00am July 17 2014

The author, actor, singer and comedian discusses fiction, belief and storytelling

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Shadow of the Wolf SMALL thumb

GUEST BLOG Reinventing Robin Hood

at 08:45am June 30 2014

Men in tights? Journalist and author Tim Hall writes about “the original superhero”

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GUEST BLOG Nuclear Fiction By Jon Wallace

at 09:30am June 16 2014

The author of Barricade discusses writing in a nuclear wasteland

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GUEST BLOG World Building In Your Novel

at 11:52am June 6 2014

Adventuring into new worlds with author Nalini Singh

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GUEST BLOG Visiting Underground Worlds

at 08:35am May 27 2014

Author Kristen Britain reveals how her very real time down in the Mammoth Cave system influences her fiction

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GUEST BLOG Screenwriting Vs Novels

at 08:45am May 26 2014

C Robert Cargill reveals the different skills an author needs to write for the page and the screen!

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GUEST BLOG Author Stephen Hunt

at 04:55pm May 12 2014

When book and movie worlds collide! The steampunk author discusses the route from page to screen

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GUEST BLOG Publishing Your Book

at 08:30am May 12 2014

Josh Winning’s novel Sentinel is about to be released and here he offers his advice about getting your first book out there

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GUEST BLOG After The Clarke Award 2014

at 01:00pm May 2 2014

With the winner of this year’s Arthur C Clarke Award revealed yesterday, award director Tom Hunter shares his thoughts on the winning book

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GUEST BLOG Countdown To The Arthur C Clarke Award 2014

at 05:09pm April 29 2014

With the winner of this year’s Arthur C Clarke Award being announced on Thursday 1 May, award director Tom Hunter examines the reaction to this year’s shortlist

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GUEST BLOG Author Gail Z Martin

at 11:05am April 20 2014

The American fantasy author talks history, urban fantasy and Deadly Curiosities

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GUEST BLOG Author Mark Alder

at 11:50pm April 7 2014

The Son Of The Morning author talks about how to research historical fantasy

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GUEST BLOG London Cosrave And Anime Quiz Night

at 06:01pm April 7 2014

It’s coming this Saturday and Rebecca Moriarty explains why Londoners should attend…

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BLOG Picking The Winner Of The Arthur C Clarke Award Isn’t Easy

at 09:00pm March 18 2014

It’s not easy choosing the best science fiction novel of the year, says award director Tom Hunter

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