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    marvel's agents of shield 2.02 heavy is the head small

    Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD 2.02 “Heavy Is The Head” REVIEW

    at 09:00pm October 31 2014

    TV REVIEW Keeping it Creel

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    Reminder: SFX Has A New Online Home From Next Month

    at 10:38am October 31 2014

    But don’t worry, we’ll still be doing all the usual things on Facebook and Twitter

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    The Latest WISHLIST

    at 10:30am October 31 2014

    Hear us Hollywood! This month we ask what you’d like to see when Twin Peaks makes its unexpected but highly anticipated return

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    Take A Trip Into Space Ahead Of Interstellar

    at 05:20pm October 30 2014

    Explore space live in an exclusive space event celebrating the Christopher Nolan movie

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    Flash 1.01 pilot small

    The Flash 1.01 “Pilot” REVIEW

    at 09:55am October 29 2014

    TV REVIEW Off at a sprint

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    Gotham 1.02 Selina Kyle small

    Gotham 1.02 “Selina Kyle” REVIEW

    at 09:05am October 29 2014

    TV REVIEW The pens of doom

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    Gotham 1.01 pilot small

    Gotham 1.01 “Pilot” REVIEW

    at 09:00am October 29 2014

    TV REVIEW Batman’s origin… the long version

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    HOT TOPIC Should ’80s Classics Be Remade?

    at 04:22pm October 28 2014

    Oi! Hollywood! Hands off the ’80s!

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    The Walking Dead 5.03 “Four Walls And A Roof” REVIEW

    at 10:00pm October 27 2014

    TV REVIEW Rick Grimes keeps his promises

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    gatham balloonman small

    Gotham 1.03 “The Balloonman” REVIEW

    at 10:00pm October 27 2014

    TV REVIEW Ups and downs

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    Godzilla small

    Godzilla Interview: Director Gareth Edwards Talks Big Lizards

    at 04:53pm October 25 2014

    How to reinvent a cinematic icon…

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    marvels agents of shield creed small

    Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD 2.01 “Shadows” REVIEW

    at 09:00pm October 24 2014

    TV REVIEW Does the series kick off with an absorbing episode?

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    Reminder: SFX’s Online News, Interviews And Features Are Moving

    at 05:45pm October 24 2014

    Find us on GamesRadar from next month

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    COMPETITION Win A PlayStation 4 And The Evil Within Game!

    at 04:20pm October 24 2014

    PROMOTION We’ve teamed up with Argos to give you the chance to win a PS4 and zombie slaying game The Evil Within

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    Blacula: The Complete Collection REVIEW

    at 01:50pm October 24 2014

    BLU-RAY REVIEW The vampire with soul.

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