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    Godzilla small

    Godzilla Interview: Director Gareth Edwards Talks Big Lizards

    at 04:53pm October 25 2014

    How to reinvent a cinematic icon…

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    marvels agents of shield creed small

    Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD 2.01 “Shadows” REVIEW

    at 09:00pm October 24 2014

    TV REVIEW Does the series kick off with an absorbing episode?

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    Reminder: SFX’s Online News, Interviews And Features Are Moving

    at 05:45pm October 24 2014

    Find us on GamesRadar from next month

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    COMPETITION Win A PlayStation 4 And The Evil Within Game!

    at 04:20pm October 24 2014

    PROMOTION We’ve teamed up with Argos to give you the chance to win a PS4 and zombie slaying game The Evil Within

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    Blacula: The Complete Collection REVIEW

    at 01:50pm October 24 2014

    BLU-RAY REVIEW The vampire with soul.

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    The Book Of Life REVIEW

    at 01:30pm October 24 2014

    FILM REVIEW Afterlife support

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    The Babadook REVIEW

    at 01:00pm October 24 2014

    FILM REVIEW The bad-a book

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    The Walking Dead 5.02 “Strangers”

    at 10:02pm October 20 2014

    TV REVIEW Something to chew down on

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    Filmed In Supermarionation Interview

    at 09:00am October 20 2014

    PROMOTION Director Stephen La Rivière talks about his Gerry Anderson documentary

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    Read A Gorgeous Illustrated Extract From The New Neil Gaiman Book

    at 08:00am October 20 2014

    PROMOTION The Sleeper And The Spindle, a new twisted fairytale from the award-winning team writer and illustrator team behind The Graveyard Book

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    Maleficent REVIEW

    at 02:30pm October 17 2014

    DVD REVIEW Fairytale propaganda exposed

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    The Aphrodite Inheritance REVIEW

    at 01:00pm October 17 2014

    DVD REVIEW Missing-in-the-Med mystery

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles REVIEW

    at 12:31pm October 17 2014

    FILM REVIEW Cowabungled

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    Black Butler REVIEW

    at 12:30pm October 17 2014

    FILM REVIEW Demonic domestic

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    REMINDER: SFX’s online reviews have a new home

    at 04:43pm October 16 2014

    Find the SFX and Total Film verdicts on the latest films and books on GamesRadar from November (and TV reviews from this week!)

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