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    Grimm 2.22 “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm” REVIEW

    at 09:58pm June 17 2013

    TV REVIEW Narin Bahar reviews the final episode of season two of Grimm.

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    Grimm 2.21 “The Waking Dead” REVIEW

    at 09:58pm June 10 2013

    TV REVIEW Revelation time

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    Grimm 2.20 “Kiss Of The Muse” REVIEW

    at 09:55pm June 3 2013

    TV REVIEW Lust at first sight

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    Grimm 2.19 “Endangered” REVIEW

    at 02:20pm May 29 2013

    TV REVIEW I guess that’s why they call it the blues

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    Grimm 2.18 “Volcanalis” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm May 20 2013

    TV REVIEW The heat is on

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    Grimm 2.17 “One Angry Fuchsbau” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm May 13 2013

    TV REVIEW Leading the jury

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    Grimm 2.16 “Nameless” REVIEW

    at 09:58pm May 6 2013

    TV REVIEW Riddles

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    Grimm 2.15 “Mr Sandman” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm April 29 2013

    TV REVIEW Tears are not enough

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    Grimm 2.14 “Natural Born Wesen” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm April 22 2013

    TV REVIEW Breaking the rules

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    Grimm 2.13 “Face Off” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm March 25 2013

    TV REVIEW Everything comes to a head

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    Being Human’s Top 12 Greatest Moments

    at 10:58pm March 10 2013

    In the order they happened – it was hard enough choosing them, don’t expect us to prioritise them as well. By Narin Bahar

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    Toby Whithouse On The End Of Being Human

    at 10:58pm March 10 2013

    “The ending is a comma not a full stop… I wanted there to be room for further adventures. I want the future of the characters to belong to the fans.”

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    Grimm 2.11 “To Protect and Serve Man” REVIEW

    at 09:21am November 15 2012

    TV REVIEW New information leads to Hank reopening an old case

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    Grimm 2.10 “The Hour Of Death” REVIEW

    at 09:34am November 7 2012

    TV REVIEW Imitation isn’t always the best form of flattery

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    Grimm 2.09 “La Llorona” REVIEW

    at 11:36am October 31 2012

    TV REVIEW A Grimm Halloween

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