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    BLOG Captain Canuck Calls Out For Fan Funding Support… And For His Clothes Back

    at 02:34pm April 2 2013

    Canada’s premiere superhero is looking for help to finance a new lease of life, discovers Kell Harker

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    Primeval: New World 1.12 “The Sound Of Thunder (Part One)” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm March 26 2013

    TV REVIEW Anomaly junction, what’s your function?

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    Primeval: New World 1.11 “The Inquisition” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm March 19 2013

    TV REVIEW Primeval horror story: the creatures get lobotomies

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    BLOG Toronto ComicCon: Where You Find Your Tribe

    at 11:18am March 14 2013

    BLOG Kelly Harker reports back from a wild weekend at one of Canada’s premiere conventions

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    Primeval: New World 1.10 “The Great Escape” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm March 12 2013

    TV REVIEW Terror bird on ice

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    Primeval: New World 1.09 “Breakthrough” REVIEW

    at 09:55pm March 5 2013

    TV REVIEW Triceratops goes viral

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    Primeval: New World 1.08 “Truth” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm February 26 2013

    TV REVIEW Hallucinogenic puke… which isn’t a comment on the quality of the episode

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    Primeval: New World 1.06 “Clean Up On Aisle Three” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm February 12 2013

    TV REVIEW Jurassic retail park

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    Primeval: New World 1.05 “Undone” REVIEW

    at 09:56pm February 5 2013

    TV REVIEW Freshers’ Week goes wild

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    Primeval: New World 1.04 “Angry Birds” REVIEW

    at 09:57pm January 29 2013

    TV REVIEW Not the popular cell phone game

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    Primeval: New World 1.02 “Sisiutl” REVIEW

    at 09:56pm January 15 2013

    TV REVIEW It’s not time to go back in the water

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    BLOG Convention Report: Toronto Fan Expo

    at 02:49pm September 1 2012

    Kelly Harker checks out Canada’s biggest Geek fest, and has an unexpected suprise

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    BLOG Metascifi: A New Species of Science Fiction

    at 08:59am August 6 2012

    What have your favourite science fiction actors – including Nathan Fillion – been getting up to with London artist Martin Firrell? In this exclusive Skype interview with Martin, SFX blogger Kell Harker gets the scoop on the Metascifi project

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    BLOG UK Viewers May Experience Jealousy

    at 10:52am March 16 2012

    SFX’s Canadian blogger Kell Harker shows her appreciation for the hosts of SPACE channel’s flagship entertainment genre show, InnerSPACE

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    BLOG Five Monsters I’d Happily Sleep With thumbnail image

    BLOG Five Monsters I’d Happily Sleep With

    at 10:25am April 7 2011

    BLOGGERS’ WEEK Ever have racy fantasies about supernatural monsters? Blogger Kelly Harker does, and with tongue firmly in cheek (not always her own tongue), she lists her favourite five…

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