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    BLOG Everybody Needs Good Androids

    at 04:58pm August 13 2013

    It’s life Jim, but not as we know it. Excited about the upcoming Almost Human? John Cooper looks at some other artificial folk

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    BLOG Person Of Interest: Catching Up With Season One

    at 09:27pm July 12 2013

    Now that SFX has accepted Person Of Interest as one of our own, John Cooper makes up for lost time and analyses the DNA of Bad Robot’s predictive crime show.

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    BLOG Terrifically Pacifically Mech-cited

    at 01:35pm June 15 2013

    Can’t wait until July for Pacific Rim? John Cooper neither, but he’s finding alternatives

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    Revolution 1.20 “The Dark Tower” REVIEW

    at 12:12pm June 6 2013

    TV REVIEW Bro-mance, back doors and big red buttons

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    Revolution 1.19 “Children Of Men” REVIEW

    at 07:57am June 3 2013

    TV REVIEW Party time in the Tower Of Power

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    Revolution 1.18 “Clue” REVIEW

    at 03:22pm May 28 2013

    TV REVIEW Murder from the disoriented Nora in a dress

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    Revolution 1.17 “The Longest Day” REVIEW

    at 01:52pm May 21 2013

    TV REVIEW War, nanites and snogging

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    Revolution 1.16 “The Love Boat” REVIEW

    at 10:30am May 14 2013

    TV REVIEW Soulless, steam-powered and starving.

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    Revolution 1.15 “Home” REVIEW

    at 09:06am May 7 2013

    TV REVIEW Showdown on the home ground

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    Revolution 1.14 “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” REVIEW

    at 09:14am April 27 2013

    TV REVIEW New faces, other places and nuclear races

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    Revolution 1.13 “The Song Remains the Same” REVIEW

    at 10:34am April 15 2013

    TV REVIEW Never slay Neville again

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    Revolution 1.12 “Ghosts” REVIEW

    at 09:30am April 8 2013

    TV REVIEW Kith, Kin and Randall Flynn

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    Revolution 1.11 “The Stand” REVIEW

    at 08:49am March 27 2013

    TV REVIEW Man Up, man down and choppers all around

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    BLOG That Was The Gaming Year That Was

    at 09:11am January 7 2013

    Space operas, stealth and big, big guns – John Cooper picks out his top three games of 2012

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    Revolution 1.10 “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” REVIEW

    at 09:28am November 28 2012

    TV REVIEW The Swash(buckling) Family Matheson

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