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    Under The Dome 1.05 “Blue On Blue” REVIEW

    at 09:38am September 22 2013

    TV REVIEW Incoming!

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    Under The Dome 1.04 “Outbreak” REVIEW

    at 08:23am September 11 2013

    TV REVIEW Last thing you need when you’re trapped under a giant fish bowl is somebody becoming infectious

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    Under The Dome 1.03 “Manhunt” REVIEW

    at 08:12am September 10 2013

    TV REVIEW Going underground

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    Under The Dome 1.02 “The Fire” REVIEW

    at 03:07pm August 27 2013

    TV REVIEW What is this madness?

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    The Freedom Collective-small

    BLOG The Freedom Collective

    at 10:20am August 23 2013

    A tribute to the Silver Age of Marvel, with a Russian flavour

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    BLOG Numbercruncher #1 REVIEW

    at 09:04am August 22 2013

    There’s no shortages of afterlive in comics, but Alasdair Stuart reckons there’s room for at least one more when it’s this good

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    BLOG It Came! REVIEW

    at 08:16am August 22 2013

    It’s a classic British sci-fi flick in comic book form, and Alasdair Stuart adores it

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    BLOG Batman Zero Year #1: Director’s Cut REVIEW

    at 09:06am August 20 2013

    Alasdair Stuart watches a legend being rebuilt

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    Under The Dome 1.01 “Pilot” REVIEW

    at 10:55pm August 19 2013

    TV REVIEW The live action version of The Simpsons movie is here

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    BLOG Exclusive? How About A San Diego Inclusive For A Change?

    at 01:04pm August 19 2013

    Alasdair Stuart wonders of San Diego Comic Con is in danger of creating a backlash if it becomes too exclusive…

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    Suave Rob cover-small

    BLOG Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring Do REVIEW

    at 02:49pm August 12 2013

    Surfing the supernova!

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    BLOG Elysium: The Art Of The Film REVIEW

    at 01:30pm August 12 2013

    Alasdair Stuart checks out a book that highlights the work of legendary designer Syd Mead

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    BLOG Man From Space REVIEW

    at 10:45am August 8 2013

    Alasdair Stuart is charmed by comic that spotlights an unusual double act…

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    BLOG Liberator #2 REVIEW

    at 04:35pm July 26 2013

    Alasdair Stuart reviews a comic that has nothing to do with Blake’s 7

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    BLOG Afterlife Inc Volume 3 Preview

    at 03:25pm July 26 2013

    Alasdair Stuart presents some artwork from the upcoming instalment of one of his current comic book favourites

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