EXCLUSIVE: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Director Talks Spidey’s New Look

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb has told SFX that he made it a priority to tweak the web-slinger’s look for the sequel.

“That is something that I wanted to fix,” he tells us in an exclusive interview. “On the first movie my thought process was really about how a kid would make this costume. The eyes were smaller because those were the lenses he could find – we went out and tried to use material that a kid could find. It was all about trying to make something a little more real. This time around we really just embraced the version of the Spider-Man costume from the comics. We put the belt back on and the big eyes. I realised how important certain parts of the iconography are to the fans. There’s something in the subconscious that reacts really positively to those big eyes. It makes them feel friendly and there’s a primal connection that people feel to that, both as children and adults. We tried to honour the colour and the brightness and the specificity of that costume.”

Webb reveals that he took inspiration from The Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel’s noughties reboot of the character.

“We liked the bigger eyes from the Ultimate Spidey. It’s interesting. Often the proportions of illustrations are quite different than they are in reality. You like the idea of certain things but the reality is… some of the eyes take up half of the surface area of the face. If you put it in a realistic environment it looks totally absurd and bizarre. Illustrators accentuate body parts and angles and it changes from frame to frame. We’re working in a world of live action.”

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released in the UK on 18 April.

Nick Setchfield