Guardians Of The Galaxy: “Rocket Raccoon Is The Heart Of The Movie”

Guardians Of The Galaxys furry star will do more than just ferret through rubbish bins…

Drax, Gamora, Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket.

Guardians of the Galaxy ventures further into space than any previous Marvel film. “NInety-nine percent of the film takes place on the other side of the universe with all new characters and all new worlds, although through certain connective tissue – such as Thanos in Avengers and some surprise appearances,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teases.

Feige reveals how Marvel has always been building towards the more sustained visit to space that’ll be seen in Guardians. “We explored some of that in the first Thor and Avengers and then more so in Thor: The Dark World,” he explains.

Central to the success of the film will be the effectiveness of Rocket Racoon. The gun-toting critter (voiced by Bradley Cooper) is “the heart of the movie”, according to director James Gunn (Slither). “He is most representative of the Guardians in the fact that he’s this little mangled beast that was taken and experimented on and torn apart and put back together, and we have to feel that character’s soul,” Gunn says. “If we see his plight, and see why he’s such an angry little guy, then the movie will work.”
Simon Cocks

Read more about the future of the Marvel cinematic universe in the new issue of SFX, on sale from Wednesday 8 January. Guardians Of The Galaxy blasts into cinemas on Friday 1 August.