David Bradley Joins The Mandate

See an exclusive trailer for the upcoming space opera RPG featuring The Adventure In Space And Time star

There are plenty of games vying for your hard-earned pennies on Kickstarter, but only one will let you step into the shoes of a starship captain with the gravely tones of An Adventure In Space And Time’s David Bradley – The Mandate.

Bradley will voice Lord High Admiral Suvarov, commander of the Grand Fleet and chief military advisor to the newly-appointed Empress. With the fleet now a shadow of its former self, it’s Suvarov’s duty to find a worthy crew and restore glory to The Mandate.

“I’m delighted to be working with the team at Perihelion Interactive to breathe life into the character of Suvarov,” says Bradley. “The Mandate is my first foray into the world of videogames, and I’m fascinated to see how my vocal performance is realised within the game.”

Developed by Perihelion Interactive, the sandbox, space-based RPG is set in a dystopian future where the cosmos is controlled by the Russian Empire. As the captain of your own ship you’re free to explore the galaxy for vital resources, hang out with your crew, take part in epic space battles or even board enemy vessels.

Up to six people will be able to play co-operatively when the game is released in early 2015. And if you like what you see above don’t forget to contribute to The Mandate Kickstarter.