SFX239 Preview: Composer Michael Giacchino On Jupiter Ascending

In the new issue of SFX, in shops tomorrow (Wednesday 21 August) we have an interview with prolific film and TV score composer Michael Giacchino (Lost, Star Trek, Up, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Super 8 and loads more).

The main reason we chat to him is about the special screenings of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness at the Royal Albert Hall in May next year – the films will screen with the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus playing the composer’s scores live. But he also reveals this fascinating snippet: he’s currently working on the music for Jupiter Ascending.

Hang on? Jupiter Ascending? Surely the latest from the Wachowskis  (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas) isn’t out until next summer? Isn’t that a bit keen? Has it even finished filming yet? “We’re actually recording all the music first, before they’re even done shooting,” he explains. “It’s been done sort of backwards, and it’s much more freeing doing that way. I’m not locked down to any specific timings and what the film is doing. I can do whatever I want. It opens up a lot more possibilities.”

This may sound a weird way to go about things, but it’s not new. Spaghetti western director Sergio Leone had Ennio Morricone score much of Once Upon A Time In The West (1968) before the film was shot; this enabled Leone to choreograph the gunfight scenes to the music. The result was awesome.

SFX239 in on sale from 21 August.