Friday Link-A-Mania

Arnie said he’d be back and he will be, everyone’s favourite blue-skinned ’90s superhero may be returning too and del Toro has been talking Pacific Rim. It’s end-of-the-week Link-A-Mania, film fans!

• Joining the busy lineup of sci-fi sequels and blockbusters in 2015 is a new Terminator film, set to be the first in a new trilogy. Thirty-one years (yep) after he first starred in James Cameron’s classic, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems likely to return to the franchise, which we hope will become fun again after the gloomy Christian Bale outing Terminator Salvation. A July 2015 release date is cited. [Via Sky News.]

 Digital Spy is reporting that Sony is getting closer to bringing TV animation Captain Planet And The Planeteers to the big screen. The environmentally-minded ’90s cartoon saw five youngsters from around the globe call on a blue-skinned superhero in times of trouble, and featured voicework from the likes of Margot Kidder, Tim Curry, Whoopi Goldberg and Mark Hamill. We wonder if they’ll take inspiration from this NSFW Don Cheadle-starring version.

• Julianne Moore may be recruited to the Hunger Games for the third and fourth films. The actress, who recently played Republican politician Sarah Palin for HBO, is apparently wanted by Lionsgate and director Francis Lawrence for the role of President Alma Coin. Those who know about both US politics and the Hunger Games are asked to provide a pithy punchline to this story.  [Via Deadline]

• Pixar has announced that it plans to release a new film every year and a sequel every other year, which can only be good news, we think. Pixar Animation Studios President Ed Catmull told BuzzFeed that he thought it was important to keep pushing creative boundaries forward and not always rely on follow-ups. The next Pixar film is set to be The Good Dinosaur, about a world in which dinosaurs never died out – the release date is 30 May 2014.

• Check out this brand new trailer for ’70s-set scary movie The Conjuring, directed by Saw and Insidious man James Wan.

• Following early negative reports about his forthcoming Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro has sought to steady the ship. He wrote on the forum of “We just need to keep working. Our numbers are going up. Not in a minor way. Significant. We are on the right track.” This follows a story in Variety which had the headline “Is Pacific Rim Doomed To Be This Year’s Battleship?” [Via Hollywood Reporter]

• And finally, dear old Michael Bay has revealed the Freightliner truck from the forthcoming Transformers 4, indicating that the character of Ultra Magnus will feature in the 2014 sequel. Click here to see a picture on Superhero Hype.