Top 10 Underused Joss Whedon Characters

Joss Whedon, currently gaining even more kudos for his version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, has produced some of the most addictively original television around. There are countless accounts of who his best, most-developed characters are. But what about those in the background who are – like a potential slayer – waiting to be called? Called into a long-running plotline, that is.

We take a look at some of the more underrated and underused characters in his shows.

Words: Sarah Brown

10 Clem

From: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who: Demon

History: Affable Clem is introduced as Spike’s kitten poker friend in season six. He becomes a Scooby gang ally, often on Dawn babysitting duty. We last see him at the end of season seven, driving out of town to escape the coming war with The First.

Why he needs more screen time: Kind, neighbourhood-friendly Clem is trying to get by as a valuable society member – if we bypass his love of eating kittens, that is. He is endearing though; his world-weary appearances imparting a sweep of welcome comic relief. But how does he integrate with the everyday world with such a “skin condition”? We’d love a “day-in-the-life of Clem” similar to Harmony’s “Harm’s Way” in Angel. There’s definitely more to this demon than meets the eye; literally, considering his ability to project snakes from his head!