The Moth Diaries REVIEW

The Moth Diaries film review.

As a pasta fan, the Dolmio factory explosion came as quite a treat.

Release Date: 24 May 2013
15 | 82 minutes
Distributor: Lionsgate
Director: Mary Harron
Cast: Sarah Bolger, Anne Day-Jones, Lily Cole

Mary Harron won acclaim for the splatter-packed slasher theatrics of American Psycho over a decade ago, but her latest venture aims for the Twilight crowd. Although based on a book which pre-dates Stephenie Meyer, this gloom-ridden romp has plenty of similarities – including softcore romance, coming-of-age angst and lightweight frights.

Set in a girls’ boarding school, The Moth Diaries drums up sympathy for a sensitive 16-year-old called Rebecca (Irish actress Sarah Bolger). Rebecca’s father, a troubled poet, committed suicide and she now finds herself writing reflectively in a personal journal, flirting with her impossibly handsome English teacher and bonding with the posh and pretty pupils that she shares class time with.

Soon shaking up the scene is Ernessa (Lily Cole) – a sexy but shifty new student whose presence coincides with a cluster of corpses. Rebecca is convinced that a vampire has arrived on campus but, inevitably, no one believes a word of it.

The biggest problem with The Moth Diaries is that nothing much happens. The cast is glamorous (this appears to be a boarding school populated solely by future FHM models), and the visuals are often dark and dingy, but the (consistently hinted at) sexual threat of Cole’s plasma-pillaging femme fatale fails to amount to anything of interest.

The end result is a redundant teen-horror romp which, in the space of its slender running time, actually begins to make you pine for the return of Bella and Edward. Now that’s scary.

Calum Waddell

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