EXCLUSIVE: Man Of Steel Star Wants Big Screen Superman Batman Team-Up

It’s the ultimate dream of superhero cinema: a franchise-splicing team-up between DC icons Batman and Superman. And Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill would love to see it happen.

“I think it would be really interesting with the age-old Batman/Superman conflict,” he tells SFX, “because they are two different sides of the same coin and their methods are entirely different. And I think it would actually make for an interesting story as to why, first of all, they were going head to head and how. I think that would make a great story.”

So could a partnership between Dark Knight and Last Son of Krypton be the next step in the heroes’ conquest of the big screen?

“Who knows,” says Cavill. “I’m sure there’s all sorts of ideas being thrown around at Warner Bros right now.”

The caped titans nearly teamed on screen in 2004. Wolfgang Petersen was set to direct Batman Vs Superman, one of a number of stumbling attempts at resurrecting the Kryptonian franchise before 2006′s Superman Returns.

Nick Setchfield

The Man Of Steel is released 14 June by Warner Bros