George RR Martin To Cameo In Game Of Thrones Season 3

As well as pop stars, there will be another notable cameo in Game Of Thrones season three. Executive producer David Benioff has revealed A Song Of Ice And Fire author George RR Martin will make an onscreen appearance.

“You will see him”, Benioff told Deadline at the “Evening With Game of Thrones” put on by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. But Benioff would not say what role Martin would play. (Make your predictions below!)

Let’s hope the cameo actually makes it to screen this time. Martin filmed a scene for the show’s pilot which ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor.

Talking about the book series, Martin admitted, “There’ll be a few people on the throne before it’s over”, when asked who would end up victorious as king on the series.

Game Of Thrones season three starts in the UK on 1 April on Sky.

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