Star Trek Into Darkness: 20 Things We Learned From The Newly-Screened Footage

SFX has just been to the BFI Imax in London where Star Trek Into Darkness producer Bryan Burk introduced the first 28 minutes of the film (and a couple of other scenes from later on in the movie).

After JJ Abrams appeared briefly on screen (he told us a mixture of being hard at work finishing the movie and a bad hair day had stopped him from making the trip to London), Burk (a self-confessed Star Trek sceptic before he worked on the first movie) explained that the Bad Robot team had set out to make a film that was bigger and better than the first (otherwise, what’s the point?), and that would appeal to non-Star Trek fans. Speaking of the 3D conversion,  he also said that when the technical guys told him and JJ that they’d reached the limits of how deep 3D could go, they pushed them to go further.

Anyway, enough of our yakking. Here’s 20 things we’ve learned (spoiler free, with no violation of the Prime Directive)

1 The opening that played in IMAX screenings of The Hobbit has been slightly tweaked – Benedict Cumberbatch’s first scene with Noel Clarke’s family now comes after the Enterprise’s mission to that red planet from the trailer.

2 Kirk doesn’t take long to decide what to do when Spock’s trapped in that volcano…

3 …and there are serious consequences to his actions.

4 There’s a reference to the Enterprise’s famous “five-year mission”.

5 Spock gives a superior officer some lip – and it’s funny.

6 Kirk and Spock haven’t become best friends overnight…

7 …and Kirk hasn’t developed any form of self-doubt in the time he’s had command of the Enterprise.

8 So much so that we see him in bed with two women. At the same time. And they have tails.

9 There’s a ship called the USS Bradbury – we’re assuming it’s a reference to the late, great Ray.

10 There’s the obligatory Abrams Kelvin reference – the Kelvin Data Archive.

11 Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison doesn’t offer to help Noel Clarke’s daughter out of the kindness of his heart – there’s a big price.

12 Peter Weller plays a Starfleet Admiral – and he shares a surname with another character who appears in the movie.

13 The movie features the most action-packed conference scene in history.

14 Chekov doesn’t spend the whole movie in the usual yellow – he dons a red uniform for some of the time.

15 Scotty is now on familiar enough terms with Kirk to call him Jim.

16 The Enterprise gets the proverbial kicked out of it – severely.

17 Luckily it now comes equipped with the coolest seatbelts you’ll ever see.

18 Spock spends some time in the captain’s chair.

19 One sequence sees down and up getting well and truly confused.

20 Spock has a close encounter with gravity.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in the UK on 9 May

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