Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume Revealed

Coming Soon has posted the first good look at the new design for Spidey’s costume for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Look at the size of those eyes! This must, as Coming Soon points out, be the nearest a screen Spidey costume has ever come to the comic one. Click on the image for a larger version.

At first glance it’s a design that echoes some of the design choices of the Sam Raimi trilogy – particularly the raised web-strands on the mask – though they’ve retained the revamped chest symbol. The oversized eyes, meanwhile, seem to be a tribute to Todd Mcfarlane’s interpretation of the character:

Maybe one day we’ll get a tribute to Steve Ditko’s classically creepy cobwebs-under-the-armpits version. Surely deodorant technology hasn’t come that far in 50 years?