Universal Turns On Arclight

Universal and Imagine Entertainment are planning a movie adaptation of Josin L McQuein’s as-yet-unpublished young adult sci-fi novel Arclight into a feature film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is despite the official blurb for the book (which is published in April) starts off:

“There is the Light. There is the Dark.”


Thankfully, the blurb becomes more promising as it goes on, but honestly, “There is the Light. There is the Dark,” and all variations thereof should be banned to that same special level of hell reserved for all non-ironic uses of, “There’s a storm coming!”

Anyway, on with the summary:

“And no one survives The Fade. These are the absolutes… until a teenage girl stumbles out of the shadows with no memory of how she survived.

“Her appearance brings hope, but also danger as a race of parasitic, chameleon-like creatures known as The Fade begin attacking those who have given her shelter. Torn between the possibility that she’s the key to defeating the Fade, and the growing dissent that would sacrifice the girl in hopes of stopping the attacks, she’s hard pressed to find anyone she can trust.

“She finds a strained ally in the son of the man who died to bring her to safety. And when the two teens stumble across a captive Fade who begs them for help locating his lost mate, they begin to wonder if the Fade are the enemy they’ve been taught to believe.”

Anyone else thinking that Universal hope they’ve stumbled on the next The Hunger Games early?

Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin) is attached to adapt the screenplay with Brian Grazer and Pouya Shahbazian producing and Sarah Bowen and Erica Huggins executive producing.