PlayStation 4 Revealed

Pics and trailers for all the PS4 sci-fi and fantasy titles within

Last night Sony finally lifted the lid on one of gaming’s worst kept secrets – the PS4. While many of the mega-console’s key features had been leaked or heavily suspected in the weeks/months leading up to the big reveal, Sony still had a few surprises up their sleeve, such as a new Kinect-like PlayStation Eye, the ability to play games while they’re still downloading and a sort-of sleep mode, which should render lengthy boot times a thing of the past (though we can’t say the same for endless updates).

The actual box that sits under your TV wasn’t shown off, nor was any pricing structure confirmed, but the new pad made its official debut and features a front-facing touch-screen, headphone jack and a swanky new share button, which will allow you to stream or upload the last 15 minutes of your game.

Best of all, one racing title aside, the games and tech demos shown off at the reveal event were all sci-fi and fantasy! Check out all the titles below.

inFamous: Second Son

This inFamous sequel/spin-off is presumably set some time after Cole McGrath’s city-shocking antics in inFamous 2 with super-powered individuals fighting for their freedom in an oppressive police state.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s incredible-looking GTA meets Assassin’s Creed action game where the city is placed at your finger-tips was first revealed at E3 last year and showcased further last night in an impressive new gameplay demo.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

No Sony console announcement would be complete without an incredibly pretty, albeit samey-looking new Killzone. It’s more colourful than before, but whether the innovations stop there remains to be seen.

Extended gameplay section:


Halo creators Bungie announced their stunning-looking open-world MMO shooter just a few days ago, and last night confirmed that the game would be appearing on PS4 AND PS3, with exclusive content on Sony’s platforms.

Reveal trailer:

Deep Down

Capcom’s Deep Down (a working title, thankfully) has all the trappings of a fantasy RPG, think Dragon’s Dogma meets Dark Souls. All you need to know is AWESOME DRAGONS.

The Witness

The new game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow was confirmed as a PS4 exclusive during the console’s launch window at last night’s event, something of a coup for Sony. The ethereal puzzler presented a pleasing change of pace amidst the explosions. One to watch out for.

Diablo III

While Blizzard didn’t show any footage of the year-old PC dungeon-crawler running on PS4 (or PS3, which the game will also be appearing on) the fact Sony got the Warcraft developers to appear on a console manufacturer’s stage for the first time in the company’s history spoke big for their relationship with third parties.


The first title confirmed for PS4, Knack is an adventure that pits your mysterious, ever evolving fighting machine against an army of orcs. More importantly Mark Cerny, the PS4′s lead system architect is heading up development of the title. And if anyone knows had to get the most out of PS4, it’s him.

Media Molecule Tech Demo

LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule didn’t take to the stage to show off a new title, but did create a love letter to Sony’s motion controller the PS Move with this charming tech demo. No idea how it’ll actually work as a game, but nice nonetheless.

Agni’s Philosophy

This tech demo was revealed at E3 last year but it’s worth revisiting to see what SquareEnix have up their sleeves for the next gen. In other exciting SquareEnix news, a new Final Fantasy title was confirmed for PS4.

Excited about the PS4? Any of these games got you hot under the collar? Let us know in the comments.

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