Inside the new issue of Comic Heroes magazine!

Featuring Iron Man and bringing you an Iron Man badge, Judge Dredd postcard and 52-page comic sampler, issue 17 of your favourite comics mag is out now

Ol’ Shellhead is back in the latest issue of Comic Heroes, SFX‘s sister title and all-round super mag. On sale from Wednesday 20 February, it’s your window on the world of comics and the games and movies they inspire.

Comic Heroes 17 Wallet Content

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If you buy your awesome 124-page magazine in its print form, you’ll find the wallet packed with goodies! This month there’s three goodies: an official Iron Man pin badge; a Judge Dredd postcard; and a 52-page Sidekick comic sampler. (Remember, the digital edition gets all pages of free comic samples!) Picture above not to scale – see photo below.

Comic Heroes 17 Unboxed


Yep, it’s your complete guide to Tony Stark, charting his rise from the pages of Marvel comics to his dominance of the big screen.

Comic Heroes 17 Iron Man


We also examine the scientific wonders of Jack Kirby’s most popular comics (including SHIELD’s Helicarrier) – and Kirby’s take on Kubrick, the comic adap of 2001, is singled out for our monthly “Hidden Gems” column.


An atticful of interviews lurk inside: Paul Cornell talks Wolverine! Mike Mignola talks Hellboy In Hell! Plus Eduardo Risso, Leandro Fernandez, Jason Latour, Jason Aaron, Declan Shalvey and loads more people. Comic Heroes is packed with the personalities who make up this amazing industry. Including…

Comic Heroes 17 Interview


“There’s still a lot of darkness in Daredevil, but there’s also a sense of victory…” Yep, Mark Waid discusses his work for Marvel.


Discover your round-up of recent comics industry news, including Brian Michael Bendis talking Ultron, DC’s Ray Fawkes and Jeff Lemire on Constantine, and a report from the Angouleme festival in France where SelfMadeHero’s The Nao Of Brown picked up the Special Jury Prize.

Comic Heroes 17 Heat Vision


Our eight-page countdown of the top 20 robots in comics (clue: Walter The Wobot is not at number one).

Comic Heroes 17 Robots


13 pages of definitive comic reviews including our experts’ opinions on Judge Dredd: Day Of Chaos (clue: they like it), Catwoman (clue: they don’t), Star Wars, Young Avengers, Northlanders, The Flash, Nemo and the latest from Cinebook, Fantagraphics and loads more.

Comic Heroes 17 Reviews


You mean there’s more? Heck yeah. X-Men, Superman, the “unfunny mess that is” Marville, Dave Gibbons talking digital comics with Madefire, Belgian architecture, plus 20 iconic heroes and villains created by Marvel’s Bronze Age art legend Roy Thomas… and more!

All this plus a badge and postcard featuring top heroes (if you buy the print version) and 50 pages of new comic samples sponsored by SelfMadeHero, kicking off with the Dead Space comic Planet Uxor (print and digital). Run! Run to the shops!

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