Saturday Link-A-Mania

• Director Robert Rodriguez tweeted a behind-the-scenes pic of Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. He followed that up with a mock-up of what the scene would look like in the final film. Click for a larger version.

IGN has posted this making of Star Trek the video game video. Lots of in-game footage.

A bunch of rumours now of varying degrees of probability:
• Channing Tatum being considered to star In David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea [via ComicBookMovie]
• Harrison Ford to appear in Star Wars Episode VII [via just about everywhere – and it’s amazing how many column inches they’ve managed to produce – but instigated by an excitable Latino Review]
• Game Of Thrones and Conan The Barbarian star Jason Mamoa has auditioned to play Drax The Destroyed in Guardians Of The Galaxy [via Latino Review]
MTV Geek is reporting that Peter Dinklage will be playing Sentinel creator Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Although the basis for this rumour seems tenuous, here at SFX we really like the idea

• New UK trailer The Last Exorcism 2.

• Corey Reynolds (The Closer) has landed a key role in Fox’s drama TV pilot Delirium pilot. Delirium is based on a book by Lauren Oliver about an alternate reality where love is deemed illegal and the ability to love is surgically removed. Reynolds will play Lawrence Tack, the leader of the budding Resistance movement opposing “the Cure”. [via TVLine]

• A message form the Dean of Monsters University.