Warcraft Movie Wishlist

From motion capture to Murlocs, everything Hollywood needs to do to get World Of Warcraft right on the big screen

It’s been in the rumour mill for over six years, but it finally looks like the World Of Warcraft movie will soon be going into production. Last week Blizzard and Legendary Pictures confirmed that Duncan Jones (that awesome guy who directed Moon and Source Code) would be taking on the job as director. With a speculated $100 million plus for the budget, we can finally get excited about what might make the transition from game to big screen. Blood Elf Hunter and Horde Loyalist Bridie Roman talks us through 10 things we want to see from a WoW movie.

1 Completely ignore most of what you actually do while playing Warcraft

Duncan Jones knows videogames. He’s a gamer’s gamer (as anyone who follows his Tweets knows), so if anyone can finally make a good videogame movie, it’s him. That said, World Of Warcraft is full of all sorts of unique and fun experiences like running in circles for hours waiting for enough people to join your random dungeon group, or quests where you have to pick up X amount of poop for really poor pay. However, mindless repetitive questing does not a big budget film make. It’s hilarious when South Park does it, and The Guild gets away with it too, but watching a film about a struggling guild who wipe (die) all the time because the hunter of the group doesn’t pay attention just isn’t going to be worth the $100+ million budget.

2 Draw from Wrath Of The Lich King or earlier

Most agree that World Of Warcraft reached its story-telling peak with Wrath. Since a Cataclysm movie would be The Hobbit but with more world-ending peril and Mists Of Pandaria is… let’s say too recent and leave it at that, the only option is to look earlier in Warcraft’s canon. Anything from Thrall’s backstory would be best because not only is he an utter badass (even when wearing a robe), but a story centring on him would mean seeing good and evil in both the Alliance and Horde and it’s about time the world saw The Alliance for what they truly are.

3 A whole new story line

If we can’t get some Orc liberation action then can we please have a new storyline? This could focus on a new race (with an in-game tie-in perhaps) or on the rising tension between the races. Something with the Forsaken (above) would ride nicely on the coattails of global zombie-mania, and those guys have been looking a little suspect for a while now. Alternatively anything that shows The Alliance to be the heartless bastards they truly are would be greatly appreciated (bitter, us? Never!).

4 Leeroy Jenkins cameo

Whatever the plot, whatever the effects may be, please Script Writing Gods, let us see a Leeroy Jenkins reference. Doesn’t have to be someone running around shouting “Leeroy Jenkins” and getting everyone killed, just some pithy reference to an old hero long past. Or an off the cuff “at least we have chicken” when things are going bad for whoever may be leading the action.

5 Motion capture where appropriate

Can you seriously see towering Orcs, Draenei or Tauren being played by humans in make-up? Or people in panda costumes? Sure there are some great prosthetics wizards out there, but why risk having laughable effects when you have $100 million to play with? With only one of the 13 main races being human it makes sense to use some of the budget on top notch motion capture. If Avatar could pull it off so can Warcraft, and our blue guys are bigger, better and they have horns.

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