Skyfall Writers To Tackle Barbarella TV Series

According to Deadline, Skyfall writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have co-written the last five James Bond films, are set to write a TV series version of Barbarella.

But rather than an adaptation of the infamous Jane Fonda film, it will go back to the original comic book created by Jean-Claude Forest for its inspiration.

Executive producer is Martha De Laurentiis, the widow of the legendary Dino De Laurentiis, who produced the 1968 Barbarella movie, so presumably the screen rights remained in the family all that time. She co-produced many of her husband’s later movies, including Hannibal, Red Dragon and Hannial rising. She currently serves as executive producer on the Hannibal TV series.

Excitingly, Drive director Nicolas Refn is currently set to direct the series (or pilot at least).

At the moment the show doesn’t have a home in terms of a network, but you have to hope it’s a cable channel like AMC or HBO where they could have some real fun with the Excessive Machine (often incorrectly referred to as the orgasmatron – that was in Sleeper), which was in the original comics as well as the film.