Being Human Series 5: Lots Of Great New Photos

The BBC has just released a great big bunch of images from Being Human series five, most of which are from episode one, though a few are from later episode. Some of the are moderately spoilery (though remember, they are officially released images so the BBC clearly doesn’t seem to mind any little snippet they give away) so we arranged them over a few pages getting more spoilery as they go. So click on as feel as you feel comfortable with.

All images © BBC. Photographer: Huw John. Click on all images for larger versions.

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And you can read Toby Whithouse’s introduction to series five here

A variation on the main season five cast image you’ve probably seen before: Tom (Michael Socha), Alex (Kate Bracken) and Hal (Damien Molony)

Let’s kick off with a few portraits of Hal (Damien Molony)…

Next page for Alex (Kate Bracken) portraits…