Top 50 Sci-Fi Robots

We asked you to vote for your favourite robots. Over the next few pages we reveal the results…

Just to reiterate, here’s were the voting parameters we gave you:

• Only robots, no cyborgs (so no Daleks or Cybermen)

• No predominantly human-looking robots or androids – by that we mean if, like Data, you saw them waiting for a bus on the other side of the road, you probably wouldn’t notice they weren’t human. (So that includes the Buffybot, for all you Buffy fans who insisted on voting for her). This was a poll for robots who look like robots, not ones ashamed of their roots

• On the other hand, androids that looked more robot than human were allowed

• Largely inanimate AIs (such as HAL) did not count

And finally, before we start the countdown on the next page… HOW COME HECTOR THE HEADLESS FROM SATURN 3 WASN’T IN THE TOP 50? Good grief. He wasn’t even anywhere near. But invoking the power of executive editorship, we’re making him an honorary 51. So there.

Anyway, on with the countdown…