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Starfleet meets the Canadian Space Agency, Simon Pegg’s severed head and Nathan Fillion’s method for coping with the end of Firefly, all in the latest Tweets Of The Week

@bad_robot .@simonpegg You mean this one? cc: @DamonLindelof@BradBirdA113

There are plenty of things wrong with Twitter. The relentless, ever-changing list of trending topics that make you question how we survived to this point as a species, for one, but where else could you read a conversation between Captain Kirk and a real astronaut?

@WilliamShatner @Cmdr_Hadfield Are you tweeting from space? MBB

@Cmdr_Hadfield @WilliamShatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.


As if that wasn’t geek-tastic enough, Wesley Crusher and Mister Spock joined in too:

Wil Wheaton@wilw @Cmdr_Hadfield If you get into trouble with Nanites while you’re in orbit, I know a guy who can help you contain them. He has experience.

@Cmdr_Hadfield @wilw Wesley, we’ve talked about you being on the bridge. I believe you’re needed in Engineering. :)

@TheRealNimoy @Cmdr_Hadfield. LLAP


@Cmdr_Hadfield I am not Spock either, but living and working in this spaceship comes pretty close. Life mirrors art. LLAP, @therealNimoy.


Oh, Twitter, how did we ever make do without thee?

The SFX Twitter Stream

@clarkgregg Just had a costume fitting for a new show I’m doing. Man, it felt good to put on that suit. #SHIELD

@NathanFillion Whenever I miss Inara, I just call @missmorenab and make her say, “Get out of my shuttle.”

@m_giacchino Stopped by the FINAL recording session for FRINGE w great music composed by christilton!! 

@BarackObama Why would we spend taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a 1-man starship? http://OFA.BO/yfxWt3 

@trutriciahelfer Just finished recording for the last #TronUprising episode

@DamonLindelof This is the greatest tweet ever. RT @storminandy lost was kinda unrealistic bro

@WilliamShatner@onefunnygook: Do you still have your Captain Kirk suit? And if so, does it still fit?” No, didn’t have the foresight to keep them.

@radiomaru just remembered scott pilgrim got made into a movie. in real life. who allowed that to happen. that was weird

‏@mrmarkmillar Want a peek at Kick-Ass 2 movie? here’s pics of every scene on the board:

@mrosenbaum711 Read for my pal @JamesGunn GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY for PETER QUILL. What a treat! Thanks Jimmy. @Marvel

Felicia Day@feliciaday Just got back from doing ADR for my new Supernatural episode (airs late this month)! The ep is gonna be EPICZZZ! #charliesback

@terryandrob One of those really productive days spent working on the#discworldapp

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