14 Sci-Fi And Fantasy Movies That Never Happened

A follow-up to our dream sequence feature, here’s a selection of films that never happened because they were all a dream (allegedly) or just someone’s flight of fancy…

Invaders From Mars (1953)

The “plot”: Young boy in a small US town sees a spaceship crash land, and then witnesses everyone he knows being taken over by aliens.

The plot device: Classic “and it was all a dream” stuff. Just as all Hell breaks loose, with the army shooting missiles as the aliens, we never find out if humanity wins this war of the worlds, because young David wakes up. Swizz!

Cheese before bed? Almost certainly, if the Martian leader is anything to go by – a large, silent, disembodied head with blank, rolling eyes and tentacles emerging from each side.

Any hints it’s more than just a flight of fancy? You bet. After David’s parents calm him down, he goes back to his bedroom and watches through the window as the same spaceship crash lands again. Is that what they call a recurring nightmare?

Here we go again: The 1986 Tobe Hooper-directed remake dispensed with this whole dream shtick.