30 Great Sci-Fi Dream Sequences

4 Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks was already shaping up to be the most surreal show in TV history before this dream sequence early in the show’s first season – one which dropped viewers’ jaws so forcefully that the Earth trembled on its axis as they hit the ground. The dream sees FBI Agent Cooper sitting in a mysterious Red Room with a doppelganger of the murdered Laura Palmer (“I feel like I know her,” she says helpfully, “but sometimes my arms bend back”) and a dwarf… who not only speaks backwards but dances, too. It’s a truly bizarre piece of television. For that we thank you, David Lynch.

3 An American Werewolf In London

The last thing you need when you’re watching The Muppets is for a crack squad of gun-toting zombie Nazis to knock at the door, shoot all your family, cut your throat and then burn the house down. Luckily it was all a dream, and budding young werewolf David Naughton wakes up back in hospital with that woman he fancied in Walkabout next to his bed. That calms him down, until she goes to open the window and is hacked down by another zombie Nazi. Arrgghhhhh, it’s another one of those double dreams! They really can make you paranoid about nodding off. One question, though – why zombie Nazis? The only answer to that, clearly, is why not?