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Twitter tributes to Gerry Anderson, Duncan Jones’ live Moon commentary and much, much, much more in our bumper Tweets Of The Week

@leeunkrich Rainbow over Pixar

Too busy gorging on Mince Pies and leftover turkey sandwiches over the festive period to keep a constant eye on Twitter? Don’t worry, Tweets of the Week has you covered with a bumper round-up of science fiction’s very best 140-character thought bubbles!

Of the fine science fiction programming to air over Christmas, one of the highlights was Duncan Jones’ Moon, which screened at prime time on BBC2 in the phantom zone between Christmas and New Year, so no-one actually knows what day it was. What made this an extra special screening was that director Duncan Jones, concept artist/VFX supervisor @GavRov and composer @iamclintmansell all tweeted along in real time. Duncan Jones in particular dropped some intriguing fact-grenades (WARNING: spoilers if you haven’t seen Moon, which you really should have by now because it’s ace):

@ManMadeMoon For those asking, the male voice on the other end of that vid-call is… original Sam. #moonbbc2

We actually werent able to convince KS to be Gerty until after the film was completed & he saw Sam Rockwells performance #MoonBbc2

If Sam R decided last minute not to do the film, & that was a very real possibility, we were seeing if Paddy Considine would do it #Moonbbc2

In other news, SFX was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Gerry Anderson last month. His work will live forever in our hearts. Unsurprisingly, there was an outpouring of heartfelt condolences for the Supermarionation maestro all across Twitter, here is a small selection:

@THEBRYANHITCH Gerry Anderson was a huge figure in my childhood. Another legend passes into history. Joe 90 would be a great live action TV show though.

@warrenellis I once made Joss watch just the intro to Anderson’s JOE 90 and he thought I was trying to drive him insane: 

@BryanFuller THUNDERBIRDS ARE AND ALWAYS WILL GO. Thank you, Gerry Anderson, and REST IN PEACE.

@edgarwright Space 1999, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlett, Terrahawks, Joe 90, UFO. My whole childhood just died. Rest In Peace Gerry Anderson.

@jamesmoran Aw, farewell Gerry Anderson. He was a lovely gent, and brought me much TV joy.

@philfordesq Met so many people inspired by Gerry to go into film biz or science, engineering, NASA. His influence goes way beyond a Saturday teatime,

‏@wossy Sad news. Gerry Anderson RIP. For men of my age his work made childhood an incredible place to be.

@OldRoberts953 Sad to hear about Gerry Anderson. Love Space:1999 so much!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@DamonLindelof My resolution is to be less ambiguous and also horse ghost core of human sadness.

@edgarwright @ManMadeMoon You did a great deed in hiring all the veteran model makers on MOON. Can you please do that again in the future?

@ManMadeMoon @edgarwright Let me get one, big, bloated bastard of a film made the studio way first, then ill quirk it back up. ;)

@KarenGillan2 just caught up with The Snowmen! SO! GOOD! great job @saulmetzstein x

@charltonbrooker In this year’s Doctor Who Xmas Special, he goes back to the 70s and hangs Savile with a barbed wire noose. Most populist episode ever.

@BradleyJames #TheOnceAndFutureKing Merry Christmas x

@eoincmacken That was petty emotional…I’m going to the pub after that…& if I ever need some rope snapped around the house I’m calling @Tomhopperhops

@pattonoswalt Mary Todd Lincoln AND Peter Parker’s beloved Aunt May — props to Sally Field for playing TWO historical figures in one year.

@bdgrabinski Imagine if Disney put out a press release days before SIXTH SENSE came out saying “Bruce Willis is dead the whole time!” That’s comics.

@Loopermovie .@sfxmagazine posted their top 25 of the year, and we’re pretty honored to be up there on it. Waaay up there… 

@RealReeceShears Lunch with Pemberton. We talked through all the ideas we had for Psychoville 3. It would have been really good! Only exists in our minds tho

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