Sci-Fi New Year Parties We’d Love To Go To (Or Not)

And so it’s time to wave goodbye to the old year (you know, the one where it rained all the time) and welcome the new one (in which there’ll probably be a hose-pipe ban by June after a day of sun in May). Traditionally it’s time to party – not only so that you have an iron-clad excuse to snog someone at midnight, but also because it’s the last big knees-up before the boring monotony of work begins again!

With 2013 just a few hours away and the pressure on to find the most happenin’ party in town, Jayne Nelson rounds up a few likely bashes you can go to – these people have lives way more interesting than our own, after all…

Party One

With: The Avengers

Where: Tony Stark’s pad

Why we’d like to go: The food! The booze! The company! When you’re a billionaire you can throw a New Year’s Eve party to end all New Year’s Eve parties – although, given the Avengers’ penchant for attracting planet-destroying trouble, that could actually be literal…

Entertainment: Tony Stark books U2 to play, not because he likes them but because they’re incredibly expensive and hard to get (and he’s a show-off). He also wants to introduce Bono and Bruce Banner, so they can whinge about the state of the world with each other all night and stop depressing everybody else.

Highlights of the evening: Watching Black Widow downing endless vodka shots and not passing out (despite everybody in the room having a sweepstake on the exact time she’ll hit the floor). Captain America being rather sweetly amazed that he can watch the New Year break all around the world live on TV (they never had satellite coverage in his day). Pepper and Tony endlessly finding excuses to disappear into a closet for some New Year hanky panky. Oh, and that quiet moment just before midnight when the Avengers raise a glass to those who have fallen…

Lowlight of the evening: A night spent with a sulking Thor isn’t what we’d call fun. Why’s he sulking, you ask? Because his brother Loki bought him a plastic dog poo for Christmas, and when Thor picked it up it exploded and covered him in real dog poo.

Bloody Loki.