Spurious Awards Of The Year


The final page of this feature is TV Moment Of The Year, and it’s from the episode of Fringe that airs in the UK this week! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. You’ll get a reminder before that last page!

Hoofer Of The Year

Kirby in Being Human shows why he should win Let’s Dance For Sports Relief with this spectacular routine, audaciously combing such disparate influences as Saturday Night Fever, Bugsy Malone, the dancing baby from Ally McBeal and a man who’s just released a ferret into his undergarments.

Most Disappointing Lack Of Blood Of The Year

The Hunger Games. There was barely any blood in it to start with (which considering the theme of the film was a bit bizarre) but by the time it reached the UK the censors managed to edit out seven seconds more!

Budget Remake Of The Year

The generally crap The Secret Circle seemed to be attempting a bargain basement re-enactment of the destruction of Krypton from Superman The Movie in one episode.

Most Overlooked Show Of The Year

The Almighty Johnsons. Everyone who watches it loves it. All six of them

One-Upmanship Of The Year

Lincoln: “I lost a partner.” Peter: “I lost a universe.” Game set and match to Fringe’s Mr Bishop.

Avant-Garde Musician Of The Year

Man tries to get a tune out of somebody’s leg (“Footloose”, perhaps?) on Being Human USA.

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