Transformers 4 Could Be “Most Important Role Of My Career” Says Wahlberg

We’re not entirely sure whether he’s being tongue-in-cheek he’s being, but actor Mark Wahlberg has told Coming Soon that he’s “very excited” about appearing in Transformers 4, describing it as a potential career high point.

Details of his role have not yet been revealed, but judging by what Wahlberg has to say, it’s not just a Transformers voice, as we were suspecting.

“Michael Bay and I just did Pain & Gain and we had such a good time making it.” explains Wahlberg. “He came to me and said, ‘I’m kind of doing a whole different reboot on Transformers. Are you interested?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it!’ I loved the idea and I think we can make something really cool and kick-ass. This is not something where it’s already established and I’m just in there to get a paycheck. I’m thinking this is the most important role of my career and I can do something really special.

“It’s the only time my kids have ever been interested in a movie I’m making,” he adds. Which may account for a lot of his enthusiasm.

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