SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League: Week 6


This chart is based on the poll results voted for by you, for episodes that had their debut screening this past week in the UK:

1 (+4) The Walking Dead “Made To Suffer” (your score: 4.825; SFX score 5/5)
2 (+2)  The Almighty Johnsons “You Call This The Real World?” (your score: 4.75; SFX score 4.5/5)
3 (+5) Fringe “Five-Twenty-Ten” (your score: 4.632; SFX score 4.5/5)
4 (+7) Misfits Episode Six (your score: 4.427; SFX score 4.5/5)
5 (+5) Merlin “The Kindness Of Strangers” (your score: 4.256; SFX score  4/5)
6 (-3) Haven  “Burned” (your score: 4.227; SFX score 4/5)
7 (-) Wizards Vs Aliens “The Last Day” (your score: 4.134; SFX score 3.5/5)
8 (+4) Arrow “Muse Of Fire” (your score: 4.036; SFX score 3.5/5)
9 (-7) American Horror Story: Asylum “The Origins Of Monstrosity” (your score: 3.969; SFX score 3.5/5)
10 (+3) Alphas “If Memory Serves” (your score: 3.952; SFX score 3.5/5)
11 (-5) Grimm “The Bottle Imp” (your score: 3.751; SFXscore 3/5)

Lots of movement up the chart this week, and while that can be partly explained by the fact that there are two fewer shows in the list (Continuum and The Secret Of Crickley Hall both having ended their runs the previous week) that doesn’t negate some impressive leaps up the chart by Merlin and Misfits. The standout performance of the week has to be The Walking Dead, though, with a voters’ score of as near to perfect as we’ll see in a long while, we’re guessing.

At the arse-end of the chart, Grimm continues its humdrum run of episodes, while a better instalment of Alphas (and the fewer shows on the list) didn’t help Alphas much as far as you were concerned. And what happened with American Horror Story: Asylum? Huge plummet there.

(Note to regular readers of this column: sorry it’s a day late – normal service will be resumed)