Tron 3 Gets A New Writer

Despite the fact Tron: Legacy hardly set the box office alight, it earned a respectable $400 million worldwide set against a $170 million budget. And everybody loved the soundtrack.

And while a script for a third film has been around for a while now, Disney didn’t exactly seem to be gagging for another sequel asap. Now, though, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney suddenly seems to have become more excited about the idea again, bringing aboard a new writer – Jesse Wigutow to rework the David DiGilio/Edward Kitsis/Adam Horowitz script.

Wigutow is already working with Disney on an adaptation of Peter And The Starcatchers and worked on Parallel, another Disney project being produced by Springer. He also performed some uncredited script work on Eragon (well, would you want that on your CV?) and worked on Relativity’s remake of The Crow and Summit’s remake of The Osterman Weekend.

The site reports that Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is still attached to return for the third Tron and it could become his next project after the Tom Cruise-starring Oblivion.

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