EXCLUSIVE – Mark Hamill Talks Future Of Star Wars

There’s still no official confirmation that Mark Hamill will return to the ways of the Force in the upcoming Star Wars sequel trilogy – but SFX couldn’t resist asking the former Luke Skywalker for his thoughts on the future of the franchise when we caught up with him on the publicity trail for his new indie thriller Sushi Girl

SFX: Have you seen the films that new Star Wars screenwriter Michael Arndt has written – Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine?

Mark Hamill: Yeah. He’s a very talented guy, very clever.

If you had your choice, where would you like to see Luke in the new films – married with kids, teaching young Jedi?

Well, it’s an interesting question. I remember when we were making the first trilogy I thought… When I realized they were gonna make the princess my sister, I said, “You know where this is headed? It’s headed for Obi-Wan territory, where I’m in a desolate hovel, as an elderly recluse.” But I’ve heard other ideas, like you say – somebody who’s training Jedi. I guess in the books he does have an offspring, but…

They’re supposedly diverging from the books.

They are? Okay… Because I had a beginning, a middle and an end. And when I finished, I never, ever dreamed that we would do any more movies. And so I really sort of let it go. You have to really physically let it go and accept that there are new prequels and novels and comic books and games. It got to the point where I could actually look at product and not even relate to the fact that I was once tangentially connected to all of that. It was that long ago. [Laughs.]

Sushi Girl hits VOD in the US on November 27 through Phase 4 Films.

Star Wars Episode VII opens in 2015.

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