Ted DVD review: The Swear Bear Movie.

"No, seriously, I thought you were really good in The Happening."

Release Date: 26 November 2012
15 | 2012 | 102 minutes | £19.99 (DVD)/£24.99 (Blu-ray)
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Cast:Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton, Patrick Stewart

Talking animal? Check. Pop culture references? Check. Un-PC humour? Check. Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane may be making his debut as a live-action movie director, but he doesn’t stray far from his comfort zone with Ted. Luckily the movie’s more than funny enough to stop familiarity breeding contempt.

MacFarlane wisely makes no attempt to explain how a teddy bear could be brought to life by a boy’s Christmas wish. And if you can get past the fact that the bear’s voice flip-flops disconcertingly between Brian and Peter Griffin (the similarity is referenced in the movie), Ted himself is a triumph. Brilliant CG aside, he’s a hoover for the best lines, and brings out the best in Mark Wahlberg – here the Boogie Nights star puts in a highly likeable turn as a slacker whose relationship with his girlfriend (Mila Kunis, aka Family Guy’s Meg) is being held back by his furry best mate.

The sweary teddy bear joke does start to wear thin after a while, and the third-act kidnap plot adds little. But Family Guy lovers will find plenty to enjoy here – as will any Flash Gordon fans wondering what the hell happened to Sam J Jones.

Another shameless attempt to persuade you to pick up a Blu-ray. High definition buyers get a commentary by McFarlane, his co-writer and Wahlberg; a Making Of; alternate takes; deleted scenes and a gag reel. Viewers of the DVD get nothing – unless you count the extended “unrated” cut (six minutes longer) and an UltraViolet digital copy.

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