Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Entertainment Weekly reports that the delayed Marvel Phase One box-set (which will now come in non-copyright-infringing briefcase) is now set to be released in the US on 2 April, and will feature even more new extra features, and lots of “surprise” teases for Marvel Phase 2. The site also has an exclusive clip from Thor showing an alternate ending.

• Paramount has scheduled Paranormal Activity 5 for 25 October 2013. [via Coming Soon]

• 20th Century Fox has cancelled plans to release a 3D version of Independence Day. Good, because ID43D looks rubbish in headlines. No new yet on whether this will impact on the in-development sequel(s). [via Coming Soon]

• Warners is promising a “special” Man Of Steel award (no clue what that might be) if you take part in the countdown to the release of The Dark Knight Rises on DVD and Blu-ray. Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder has also promised that there will be a “crazy” trailer for the film accompanying The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: “It’s fun. I can’t wait for The Hobbit, so it will be fun to see our crazy Man Of Steel trailer and then enjoy The Hobbit because that’s going to be great. It just feels like a fun Christmas thing to do, drag the whole family out for that action.” [via MTV]

• Here’s an Epic trailer (see what we did there?).

Chad Coleman

• According to The Hollywood Reporter Chad Coleman (The Wire) has been cast as Tyreese in The Walking Dead. A fan fave character in the comics, Tyreese is a former NFL player who eventually becomes Rick’s second-in-command. He also developed into a love interest for Michonne and Carol. Then again, the show doesn’t slavishly follow the comics’ plots, so don’t count on anything.

• Director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) may have given up on ever getting his Daredevil movie made, but he is working on another comic related project. He has confirmed via Twitter that he and his brother Matthew have started work on a screenplay for Nemesis, the Mark Millar comic. [via ComicBookMovie]