Sir Derek Jacobi Would Like To Be In Star Wars Episode VII, Please

If there’s an Alec Guiness-style role going in Star Wars: Episode VII, there’s a venerable veteran actor still looking for his first big blockbuster role who would love the part – Derek Jacobi, one-time The Master in Doctor Who and with a mighty  list of other prestigious TV, film and stage credits (Gosford Park, Gladiator, Cadfael, I, Claudius).

“I’m looking for my franchise as we speak,” he told Radio 4’s Front Row. “My ears pricked up recently when tit was said that Disney was buying Star Wars. Oh, ‘Come in, Sir Alec Guiness.’ Onto the agent immediately!”

In amongst all the non-stories of old Star Wars bit-parters telling us they’d love to make a comeback, and various directors turning down the job (have Lars Von Trier and Werner Herzog expressed their lack of interest yet?) Jacobi’s openness to playing a part is far more enticing possibility.

Jacobi revealed how he narrowly missed out on the Harry Potter pension scheme. “I was offered a part in Harry Potter. I was offered the wand seller that Johnny Hurt eventually played in the first episode. But the dates were wrong and I couldn’t do it. And they never came back with any other.”

Which means that he is, “ still looking for my blockbuster” and reckons that he’s in with a chance for Star Wars because Hollywood is running out of old British thesps of a certain standing: “I’d like to do my big franchise movie. Ian’s got his Gandalf and his X-Men; and Pat Stewart’s got his Star Trek; and Gambon’s got his Dumbldore. They’re running out of these old men, you see. I have to be the next one!”

He may well have been tongue-in-cheek to an extend, but SFX would genuinely love to see Jacobi the next Star Wars.

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