Hitman: Absolution REVIEW

Hitman: Absolution Review

Agent 47 really didn't like it when people called him "slaphead"

Release Date: 20 November
Format reviewed:
Xbox 360
Also available on:
PS3 and PC

Cloned super-assassin Agent 47 has been out of the game for a while. His last mission took place over six years back, but not a lot has changed in his time out.

Like the previous Hitman games, Absolution is a third-person sandbox adventure where the objective is to off a series of targets as stealthily as possible, preferably by making their deaths look like accidents. You know the type – have them pee on live electric cables, contaminate their cocaine with untraceable poisons, drop them into a pen of ravenous pigs… the usual.

While the game is markedly better looking than before the levels are no more intricate. In fact, missions are now broken down into smaller, separate chapters, making them slightly less open-ended than some of the larger challenges of old. The renewed focus isn’t a bad thing: with tighter AI and controls and a scoring system that judges everything you do, Absolution patches up the exploitable holes of the previous titles and is a much more rounded experience for it.

Easter eggs galore (see if you can find the Loch Ness Monster in the opening level), score-boosting skill-challenges, and a difficulty system that changes guard numbers and patterns mean the replay value is high. But it’s new mode Contracts – a level-editor where you can create your own kills with specific sub-objectives before challenging your friends to compete online for the best scores – that really makes Absolution a, um, hit.

Matthew Pellett

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