Red Dwarf X REVIEW

Red Dwarf X DVD review: Fun, fun, fun

The cast of Red Dwarf X.

Watching old editions of Top Of The Pops just wasn't the same any more.

Release Date: 19 November 2012
2012 | 12 | 180 minutes | £20.42 (DVD)/£25.52 (Blu-ray)
Distributor: BBC Worldwide
Director: Doug Naylor
Cast: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John Jules

For a show set in the future, Red Dwarf X feels remarkably old-fashioned. But the decision to take the show back to its ’80s sitcom roots (live audience, limited sets, few guest stars, long scenes of dialogue) doesn’t feel like a mere exercise in nostalgia; it feels like a triumphant return to form.

The few extra pounds and added wrinkles on the main cast swiftly become irrelevant as the show produces some vintage Dwarf. Sure, a couple of gags misfire, the occasional idea fizzles and some of the production values are a bit dodgy, but that was ever the case. It’d be churlish to carp.

Instead, cherish a show still packed with quotable lines, laugh-out-loud moments, superb performances and a wonderfully skewed view of science fiction.


The two-hour Making Of is an utterly compelling drama all of its own. Called “We’re Smegged”, it turns out to be an apt title, as the series faces near-fatal disaster after near-fatal disaster, with scripts being rewritten and rewritten to accommodate everything from schedule changes and budget cuts, to rules about how many hours chimpanzee stunt performers can work. Packed with earnest interviews, funny behind-the-scenes clips and the harrowing site of two men taking the original Red Dwarf model and sawing it in half, it’s a fascinating watch.

You also get half an hour of deleted scenes (including some great gags that must have been a wrench to chop) and 12 minutes of Smeg-Ups.

Dave Golder

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