Friday Link-A-Mania

• Lots of YouTube vids of Thor: The Dark World shooting on location in Greenwich have popped up over night, including these two of Christopher Eccleston in costume as Malekith. Pop over to Coming Soon for loads more.

• Although the deal has yet to be finalised it’s looking more and more likely Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Certainly director Marc Webb has confirmed to Coming Soon that Foxx is his top choice, and Foxx himself seems eager, telling Access Hollywood, “Fingers crossed it all works out… I have a little daughter, four years old, and what’s crazy is like, this past year she had a birthday where Spider-Man was the theme… I haven’t sprung it on her yet, but she will go crazy!”

• The film based on ancient arcade classic Asteroids is still moving ahead at Universal, which has brought in a new man to have another attempt at the script – Jez Butterworth, who wrote the screenplays for Doug Liman’s Fair Game and the epic The Last Legion, and who also directed Nicole Kidman’s Birthday Girl. Good luck mate. Transformers’ Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing. [via Variety]

• Warners Bros has hired Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, The Woman In Black) to write the script for a live action version of Pinocchio. The company is apparently courting Tim Burton to direct and Robert Downey Jr to star as Geppetto, the woodcarver who creates Pinocchio. Guillermo del Toro is also producing a version of Pinocchio, but his film will be achieved using CG animation created by The Jim Henson Company. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

Concept art for Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

Vulture reports that Transfomers 4 may be partly set in  – and film in – China.

Snakes On A Plane and Final Destination 2 director David R Ellis is attached to direct horror thriller Sprawl for producer produced by Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity franchise, The Bay, Sinister, Insidious). [via Deadline]

• Trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones,due out in the UL 23 August 2013.

• Don’t forget – Doctor Who on Children In Need tonight, with a specially-filmed preview piece for the Christmas special. If we’re really lucky they may even tell us what it’s called. (Or whether the new companion is really called Oswin.) The segment is due to appear during the 8:30-9:00pm slot of the evening, though with live shows, things may change. Click on the image for a much larger version.