Michael Arndt Confirmed As Star Wars: Episode VII Scripter

Finally, some definite news about Star Wars Episode VII, rather than all those “Mike Leigh/Nick Park/Lars Von Trier/Dan Harmon/Ronald McDonald Says He’s Not Interested In Directing Star Wars” stories that have been clogging up news feeds over the past few days.

Star Wars.com has now confirmed that – as rumours suggested yesterday – Michael Arndt will be scripting Star Wars Episode VII from an extensive treatment that he has already handed in.

A lot of fuss has already been made of Arndt’s Disney connection – he wrote Toy Story 3 – with certain internet pundits seemingly seeing this as proof that the Mouse House intends to kidify the series. That’s a very blinkered view on Arndt’s credentials, though.

He also won an Oscar for the brilliant Little Miss Sunshine, and has also scripted the upcoming Oblivion and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He is also an out and proud Star Wars fan. And let’s be honest – Toy Story 3 was bloody brilliant and made grown men cry. He sounds like a pretty intelligent choice to us.

And while we await the next piece of solid news about Star Wars Episode VII, here’s a second video of  George Lucas in conversation with the new overseer of the franchise, Kathleen Kennedy, talking about the future of the film series.