Silent Hill: Revelation REVIEW

Silent Hill: Revelation film review: Off its game.

Adelaide Clemens in Silent Hill: Revelation.

The main revelation is that Silent Hill films aren't very good. Actually, that's more of a truism, isn't it?

Release Date: 31 October 2012
15 | 94 minutes
Distributor: Lionsgate
Director: Michael J Bassett
Cast: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Sean Bean, Carrie-Anne Moss, Malcolm McDowell

The most surprising thing about this belated sequel to the 2006 videogame adaptation Silent Hill is that it even exists. The first film was a modest commercial success, and remarkably faithful to the look and feel of the iconic games, but was also a terrifyingly dull and drawn-out experience.

Revelation, from Solomon Kane writer/director Michael J Bassett, has almost exactly the opposite problem. It’s in too much of a rush, and tries to cram in so much plot that unless you’re familiar with the game it’s closely adapted from (Silent Hill 3), chances are it will leave you baffled.

Adelaide Clemens plays Heather Mason, a young woman who must venture into the dark and deeply disturbing world of Silent Hill to rescue her father from a cult trapped there by a powerful demon child.

There’s some incredibly creepy imagery (in particular, the spider-like mannequin monster, created specifically for the film) and there are myriad fan-pleasing touches (from major plot twists to costume design), but fans are equally likely to get irked by the many dubious changes, and no-one will find it scary enough.

The performances range from acceptable (Clemens) to cringe-inducingly awful (Kit Harington); the dialogue is plagued with clunky exposition; and the film ends with a laughably clumsy creature scrap. The 3D is occasionally quite effective, but the light loss is a real problem in a film this dark. If there was any hope of Revelation resurrecting the big-screen Silent Hill franchise unfortunately this is too little, too late.

Jordan Farley

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