Tweets Of The Week

A (belated) round up of sci-fi’s best Halloween costumes, Damon Lindelof’s (potential) suicide note and Neil Gaiman’s (behind the scenes) Who pic, all in the latest Tweets Of the Week.

Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

Twitter was made for Halloween. Without it how else would you see Nathan Fillion’s inspired ode-to-the-home-country costume? Or Patton Oswalt’s incredible supervillain get-up? It may have been somewhat overshadowed by a little Star Wars announcement thing last week, but here’s our overdue round up of our favourite tweets from Halloween 2012:

@NathanFillion Show me your Halloween costumes!! Here’s mine-

@TheRock “Don’t make angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” ~ The People’s Hulk #HappyHalloween

@TheAVClub Here’s @PattonOswalt‘s elaborate Halloween costume #GreatJobInternet

@MillaJovovich Paul and I on Halloween!!

@God_Damn_Batman This year for Halloween I’m dressing up as a six foot bat who beats up criminals. Just kidding, I’m going as Heisenberg.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@EdgeRatedR Anyone else find it odd that in the credits I’m WWE Superstar Edge? #awkward

@JaneEspenson That scene in tonight’s #OnceUponATime was rare instance of Vancouver actually playing the role of Vancouver on TV.

@TimOfLegend Biggest technical inaccuracy of Wreck-It Ralph: there is an arcade in it that’s still in business.

@DamonLindelof If I ever need a suicide note, I’ll just print out this comments section.

Felicia Day@feliciaday Hmm can anyone guess what I’m doing today?

You guessed right!!! What better place to be on Halloween than on the set of #Supernatural? Charlie’s back! :)

@JamesGunn So excited for the new Star Wars films! First up, three Jar Jar movies, taking us through 2019, and then the Dash Rendar trilogy! Whoo hoo!

@neilhimself I believe that we’ve just locked my Dr Who script. I probably won’t have to write it again until we need new ADR dialogue once it’s edited.

@WilliamShatner@AlexStubbe: @williamshatner Debuting tonight at halloween party as full-blown Trekkie. Any advice?” Don’t wear red. MBB

@EddieMcClintock I got high today, for the first time in 13 years! #WAREHOUSE13

@NathanFillion Part of my plan to replace @joelmchale! @GillianJacobs @kenjeong @dannypudi @alisonbrie @DonaldGlover @yvettenbrown

@radiomaru LOOPER is imho so perfect that i don’t feel required to write or create anything ever again. We’re safe in @rcjohnso‘s hands. hahahaha sigh

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