Celebrity Sci-Fi Fave Raves

Neil Patrick Harris

Former teen doc Doogie Howser, MD, Neil Patrick Harris is now better known as another (singing) Doctor…

FAVOURITE SF/FANTASY MOVIE “I really liked Pan’s Labyrinth. That was great. Guillermo del Toro’s an amazing director.”

FAVOURITE SF/FANTASY TV SHOWLost is my go-to science fiction show right now. I watched Heroes for a while but none of the characters would die so I lost faith in that. But Lost… Man, I’m loving it. There was a sag. They started introducing characters that we’d never seen before on a desert island and that threw me for a bit of a loop, but they quickly killed them off.”

FAVOURITE SF/FANTASY BOOK OR COMIC “My older brother was very into Marvel and X-Men and all that so I would read some of his. And I like Alex Ross, the artist, a lot. Also, I’m a magician so I collect old magic-related comics like Super Magician.

SCI-FI GUILTY PLEASURE “I was a closet Masters Of The Universe fan. I would buy the toys and hide them because I thought everybody would think it was really stupid. I had Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain. And who was the one whose head changed when you spun the top of the head and the face changed to different things? Oh yeah, Man-E-Faces.”