The United Presidents Of Sci-Fi


With election fever in the air let’s celebrate some science fiction and fantasy presidents you never voted for. Surprisingly for such a forward-thinking genre, the majority have been male and white. But there are a few exceptions.

Anyway, here’s SFX‘s totally random guide to 51 SF US Presidents from the movies and TV. One for each State and one for spare.

Film: Armageddon (1998)
President: Unnamed
Played by: Stanley Anderson
Political Career: Authorises a space mission to attempt to destroy a meteor which is heading to Earth.

Film: Superman 2 (1980)
President: Unnamed
Played by: EG Marshall
Political Career: Forced to kneel before Zod.

Film: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
President: Unnamed
Played by: Robert Beatty
Political Career: Ruined by appearing in a rubbish film.

Film: Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
President: Unnamed
Played by: Christopher McDonald
Political Career: Oversees a band of secret teen agents.

Film: Spy Kids 3D: Game Over (2003)
President: Delvin
Played by: George Clooney
Political Career: See above.

Film: Captain America (1990)
President: Tom Kimball
Played by: Ronny Cox
Political Career: The target of a kidnap attempt by The Red Skull

Film: Meteor (1979)
President: Unnamed
Played by: Henry Fonda
Political Career: Had to deal with a meteor heading towards Earth.

Film: Deep Impact (1998)
President: Tom Beck
Played by: Morgan Freeman
Political Career: With a comet heading towards Earth he instigates the Messiah project to attempt to destroy it. When it succeeds, he must assume another term in office is a cinch.

Film: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
President: Blake
Played by: Perry King
Political Career: Dies, possibly from Hypothermia, when an environmental disaster causes a big freeze in the US.

Film: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
President: Raymond Becker
Played by: Kenneth Welsh
Political Career: Successor to President Blake, who opposed the evacuation of the US in the wake of the big freeze.